HTC EVO V 4G/3D activation problems Virgin Mobile USA

You try to activate the HTC EVO while your old phone is still powered on, it may fail the activation. Disable your old phone (power off, pull battery), do the swap in your account, wait until you get the email that says the swap is successful and THEN put the battery into the HTC EVO to do an activation. Yes, I know, this means no playing around with your new toy until you’re ready to activate it.


You were unable to do an activation due to an error like: “vDC has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to tell HTC?”

Stop trying anything else. The phone is fixed in a state due to a bad attempt at activation that it could not complete. If you continue to try to Update Profile in Settings, you will continue to get the same error message. If you try to manually activate via Settings (Activate This Device), it will give you the error message saying to call 611 or the 800 number for customer services.

You will need to do the following:

Go into Settings (Menu, Settings), Power > UNCHECK “Fast Boot”

Power off the device. Pull the battery. Put the battery back in after a few minutes. Before you power the device on, hold down the volume down button and keep both the power button and volume down button held down.

You will boot into HBOOT RECOVERY. There will be a menu with 5 options. “FASTBOOT, RECOVERY, FACTORY RESET, SIMLOCK, IMAGE CRC”… Press the Vol Down button twice to highlight “FACTORY RESET” and tap the power button to select it.

You will be doing a full factory reset on your phone.

When it reboots your phone will attempt to auto activate… and this time it should succeed.


Other Solution:

After 3 phones shipped and returned, I finally have a working HTC Evo V 4G.
I tried every solution offered here and every other site, to no avail.
I spent many hours with customer service and was completely frustrated.

Here’s what worked:
First, call Virgin Mobile technical support directly at 866-553-9807 to avoid the voice prompt headaches and delays. They answer real fast with this number.
Second, have the tech ensure that ALL features are enabled.
The reason that all three phones would not activate with the “hands-free activation” process is that it is done using the 3G signal and mine was not activated from their end for some reason. After speaking to many techs the last one was the first one that noticed. As soon as he enabled the 3G feature, I saw activity on the phone screen and it was working within seconds. So, six weeks and many headaches later, all is good.

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