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How to fix print spooler using Command Prompt

  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as Administrator option.

  3. Type the following commands (one line at a time) to stop the print spooler, delete the printers folder content, and restart the printer spooler, and press Enter:

    net stop spooler
    del /Q /F /S “%systemroot%\System32\Spool\Printers\*.*”
    net start spooler

After you complete the steps, you should be able to send a print job to the printer, and this time the printer should work.

How to open a file with .mbox extension?

Some of my clients use Google Apps and Gmail. When we have to terminate an account I always use Google Takeout to backup all data for each user, before I delete their account from Google. Google takeout will create a backup of all E-mails and put them in a file with extension .mbox
I tested many different programs to open the mbox files and this is the one I found works the best.

eM Client

Small Business Server 2003 reset to 5 CAL licenses

SBS2003 licenses are kept in the file in the WINDOWS\system32 folder.There is anautomatic backup of this in The simple process was to stop the License Logging Service, rename to, then rename to After this start License Logging Service and check License Management Tool to confirm that the licenses had been restored.

How to shrink SQL log files

DBCC SHRINKFILE(dblognamenotpath_log)

db log name is from db properties – it is not path and not file name

or run full SQL backup

run SQL T log backup

How to find GUID From MSI File

Typically (though not universally) if a piece of software uses MSI-based installation the GUID can be found in the Uninstall entry. It will usually either be the key name or will appear in the UninstallString and/or UninstallPath value. Sometimes life is easy and there is a ProductGuid value.

Uninstall entries can be found here:


On a 64-bit version of Windows there are two such keys, one for 64-bit software and a second for 32-bit software:


Setting up Windows Server 2012 RADIUS and Sonicwall NSA – error “RADIUS communication error”

When trying to setup Windows server 2012 RADIUS server – NPS to work with Sonicwall NSA appliance you will receive and error “RADIUS communication error” when testing RADIUS settings in Sonicwall NSA appliance. Do not use the generated key from Server 2012 interface. It is too long for the Sonicwall management to accept it. I only used first 15 characters of the key and deleted the rest.

Add printer in Windows 7 as administrator

This procedure will enable you to “Run As ” when installing a printer to windows 7

1.       Control Panel – Administrative Tools

2.       Shift + Right-click on Print Management

3.       Select “Run as different user”

4.      ” Login as local administrator” and current administrator password

5.       Expand Print Servers, expand local pc

6.       Right-click on Printers

7.       Select “Add Printer…”

8.       Continue the normal procedure to add a printer

HiSense Chromebook 11 battery doesn’t charge

I just noticed the battery on my HiSense Chromebook 11 doesn’t charge anymore. The little light next to the power cable is just blinking red on the chromebook.

I tried these steps to fix the issue:

  • Unplug the laptop.
  • remove all of the small screws.
  • Gently ‘pop’ the edges of the laptop’s cover open. They have tiny clips around the outside.
  • As you remove the cover, do it slowly.
  • Locate the small connecting wire between the battery and the motherboard.
  • Unplug this connection. It’s small and delicate,
  • plug the power supply back in to the laptop and turn the power on. Leave the laptop itself turned off, just supply it some power. Don’t touch anything inside the laptop This step is to get the laptop detect the is no battery connected.
  • Wait around 30 seconds. The LED for the battery indicator should change to red. The Chromebook is stating that it can’t find the battery.
  • Turn the power back off again.
  • Plug the battery connection back in to the motherboard
  • Put the cover back on, gently clipping it back in to place.
  • Plug the laptop back in once more and turn it on. Boot it up.
  • Hopefully, it should now be charging,
  • If this doesn’t fix it you will need a new battery or use it as a desktop PC

What to do if your Surface screen turns yellow

Encrypt your drive using BitLocker with no TPM module

type “gpedit.msc” into the Run dialog box, and press Enter.

Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > BitLocker Drive Encryption > Operating System Drives in the left pane.

Double-click the “Require additional authentication at startup” option in the right pane.

Select “Enabled” at the top of the window, and ensure the “Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM

Close the window

There is no need to reboot. You can encrypt your drive now.