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Windows 10 Control Panel MS Office 2016 Mail Icon error “Application Not Found”

Today I was working on a computer where opening the Mail Icon in the Control Panel just showed error “Application Not Found”. I removed MS Office 2016 and reinstalled it and it did not fix the issue. I had to go to Control Panel – Programs and click on MS Office 2016 and then select change and repair. It asked me if I want to do online repair so it can download needed files. It took a long time but this fixed the issue. Mail icon in the Control Panel will now open again with no error.

Resetování hesla do Windows Vista, 7 a 8

Resetování hesla do Windows Vista, 7 a 8

1) Nabootujte pocítac z instalacního DVD Windows Vista, 7 nebo 8.

2) Po nabootování vyberte Oprava systému a následne Príkazový rádek (konzoli).

3) V príkazovém rádku prejdete na disk (oddíl), kde máte nainstalovaná Windows.

Pojmenování písmen nemusí být shodné s disky ve Windows, takže napr. disk C muže být oznaceno jako E:. Prepínat se mezi disky mužete jednoduše zadáním písmeno, dvojtecka a enter, napr.: E:

Jak zjistit, jestli jste na disku (oddílu) s Windows? Pomocí príkazu dir si nechte vypsat obsah aktuálního adresáre.

4) Dostante se do složky:


Do adresáre lze vstoupit zadáním cd název_adresáre (cd, mezera a název složky), vystoupit o úroven výš mužete pomocí cd.. (cd a dve tecky).

5) Prejmenujte soubor utilman.exe zadáním:

REN utilman.exe utilman.exe.old

6) Vytvorte nový utilman.exe zkopírováním cmd.exe:

copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

7) Restartujte pocítat, vytáhnete DVD z mechaniky a nechce spustit Windows.

8) Až Windows nabehnou, tak na prihlašovací obrazovce vlevo dole najdete ikonu Snadný prístup (Usnadnení / Ease To Access), klepnete na ní.

9) Vyberte spuštení Príkazové rádky (konzola).

10) A následujícím príkazem nastavte nové prihlašovací heslo ke svému úctu:

net user prihlašovací_jméno nové_heslo

Napr.: net user Marek abc12345

1) V okne príkazového rádku zadejte príkaz copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ a príkaz potvrdte stiskem klávesy Enter.

2) Dále zadejte príkaz copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe a poté stisknete klávesu Enter.

3) Nyní okno príkazového rádku zavrete a restartujte pocítac. Na prihlašovací obrazovce pak petkrát stisknete klávesu Shift. Vzápetí se objeví okno príkazového rádku.

4) Do okna príkazového rádku zadejte príkaz net user . Retezec nahradte svým uživatelským jménem a retezec pak nahradte novým heslem.

5) Okno príkazového rádku zavrete a prihlaste se do systému pomocí výše zadaného nového hesla.

Windows 10 – OneDrive won’t start or will not install

Today I was working on a computer and OneDrive would not open. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it did not fix the issue. Until i tried this

On your keyboard hit Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog and type: gpedit.msc and hit Enter to open Local Group Policy Editor.
Next navigate to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\OneDrive. In the right panel, double click Prevent the usage of OneDrive for File Storage.
Then here instead of selecting Enabled I selected not configured, and saved my changes. This fixed my problem and I was able to open OneDrive again

Which model of Raspberry Pi do I have ?

Which model of Raspberry Pi do I have ?


Login to Raspberry Pi and run this command in the terminal

Method #1

cat /proc/device-tree/model


Method #2

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'Revision' | awk '{print $3}'


the command will return the revision of your CPU – check this table

enter image description here

Exposing Digital Photography – FREE online course


Click on this link and follow link for Youtube videos

Samsung Galaxy S4 shuts off after a couple seconds

I had this strange problem. I would insert battery into Samsung Galaxy S4 and it would turn on and then shuts off after couple seconds. After some research on Google I found the power button is stuck and pressed all the time – ON.

On a brand new phone you insert battery and then you have to press the power button to turn it on.

On a broken phone the phone will turn on after you insert the battery and because the button is pressed on all the time it will turn itself off again.

SOLUTION: take the phone and put it sideways where the power button is facing down on a table or some flat surface and don’t slam it! but lightly hit it maybe a couple of times and the button will come unstuck. The phone should turn on by itself but the button isn’t stuck so it will turn on perfectly fine.

How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts flash disk

How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts?

I bought some Dell Optiplex computers and they came with dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts DELL P/N VJ3VF_A00. When a new Windows 10 build was released I tried to create a new USB Boot drive for installation and I found out these DELL Flash drives are locked and you can not erase them or format them. After some testing I found this tool that will erase them and turn them into normal usable USB Flash drives. Click on this link

and then look for USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II)

download – unzip and run it. Make sure you select the correct drive to erase – it will erase all files on the drive !! – you have been warned

I also used JetFlash tool and it fixed the DELL USB Flash drive for me – download it from this link


It looks like the tool we renamed to JetFlash Online Recovery but the link is still active. I was able to download it and the tool still works and it does what it is supposed to do.

migrate windows profile

use this tool to migrate windows profile

Remote Assistance Software – Teamviewer Replacement

MSP 360 – Remote Assistant –


Anydesk –

Smart Lock doesn’t work on Sony Xperia XA2 running Android 8.0 Oreo

I setup Smart Lock with my home address and it worked great for couple weeks. One day it just stopped working. Smart lock on my Sony Xperia XA2 would just show white screen and no settings at all – no details. This is how I fixed it.

  1. Go to Settings – Security & Location – Trust Agents
  2. Disable Smart Lock (Google)
  3. reboot the phone
  4. Go to Settings – Security & Location – Trust Agents
  5. enable Smart Lock (Google)
  6. go back
  7. click on Smart lock
  8. and the problem is fixed