How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts flash disk

How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts?

I bought some Dell Optiplex computers and they came with dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts DELL P/N VJ3VF_A00. When a new Windows 10 build was released I tried to create a new USB Boot drive for installation and I found out these DELL Flash drives are locked and you can not erase them or format them. After some testing I found this tool that will erase them and turn them into normal usable USB Flash drives. Click on this link

and then look for USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II)

download – unzip and run it. Make sure you select the correct drive to erase – it will erase all files on the drive !! – you have been warned

I also used JetFlash tool and it fixed the DELL USB Flash drive for me – download it from this link


It looks like the tool we renamed to JetFlash Online Recovery but the link is still active. I was able to download it and the tool still works and it does what it is supposed to do.

  1. thank you works perfectly

  2. not work for me :(, stuck on 20% Process

  3. Nope. Tool doesn’t even detect the drive.


    It’s actually the “USB Flash Driver Fix Tool” for the Ufix-II (the I and III are “Format Tool”)

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