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How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts flash disk

How to erase format dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts?

I bought some Dell Optiplex computers and they came with dell usb recovery drive u3-8gdsts DELL P/N VJ3VF_A00. When a new Windows 10 build was released I tried to create a new USB Boot drive for installation and I found out these DELL Flash drives are locked and you can not erase them or format them. After some testing I found this tool that will erase them and turn them into normal usable USB Flash drives. Click on this link https://www.pny.com.tw/en/support-detail/usb-flash-drives/

and then look for USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II)

download – unzip and run it. Make sure you select the correct drive to erase – it will erase all files on the drive !! – you have been warned

I also used JetFlash tool and it fixed the DELL USB Flash drive for me – download it from this link



It looks like the tool we renamed to JetFlash Online Recovery but the link is still active. I was able to download it and the tool still works and it does what it is supposed to do.

Steam client application won’t open on windows 10 computer

Today I had a problem with my Steam client. I would double click on my icon to open Steam and nothing would happen. This is how I fixed this issue on my Windows 10 computer.



  1. Navigate to steam client installation folder – for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  2. find steam.exe and rename it to steam.exe.old
  3. restart your computer
  4. Navigate to steam client installation folder – for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  5. rename steam.exe.old back to steam.exe
  6. open steam client – it will start installing an update and then it will open Steam application.


Windows 7 32bit sees only 3GB of RAM when 4GB is installed

open msconfig using search
in msconfig click on boot
next inside boot click on advanced options
In boot advanced options tick on maximum memory
in maximum memory type value “4096”
then click OK
Next click apply in msconfig
Then Restart your pc
check available memory

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