Windows Surface PRO RT WiFi connection issue – Limited connectivity

I ended up using a registry hack to limit the Surface to 802.11g speeds

If you still have problems apply the following registry changes:
Open Desktop -> Search -> regedit
Open regedit. Select menu Edit -> Find…
Enter “AutoUse40Mhz” -> do search.
There are 2 such entries in registry. We need to change one, located under
“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\” branch.
– Set “AutoUse40Mhz” to “0” (it has value “1” by default)(This limits the channel bandwidth to use 20MHz, this reduce the speed and it’s the recommended setting when you are experiencing issues with n connectivity)
– Set “Band” to “4” (it has value “6” by default)(for what I understand this change may force some devices to connect g)(I would recommend to apply the first registry change, reboot and see what happens before applying this other change).

  1. Thanks for the fix. POS Surface radio.

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