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Windows 7 32bit sees only 3GB of RAM when 4GB is installed

open msconfig using search
in msconfig click on boot
next inside boot click on advanced options
In boot advanced options tick on maximum memory
in maximum memory type value “4096”
then click OK
Next click apply in msconfig
Then Restart your pc
check available memory

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Add printer in Windows 7 as administrator

  • This procedure will enable you to “Run As ” when installing a printer to windows 7

    1.       Control Panel – Administrative Tools

    2.       Shift + Right-click on Print Management

    3.       Select “Run as different user”

    4.      ” Login as local administrator” and current administrator password

    5.       Expand Print Servers, expand local pc

    6.       Right-click on Printers

    7.       Select “Add Printer…”

    8.       Continue the normal procedure to add a printer

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