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Samsung Galaxy S4 shuts off after a couple seconds

I had this strange problem. I would insert battery into Samsung Galaxy S4 and it would turn on and then shuts off after couple seconds. After some research on Google I found the power button is stuck and pressed all the time – ON.

On a brand new phone you insert battery and then you have to press the power button to turn it on.

On a broken phone the phone will turn on after you insert the battery and because the button is pressed on all the time it will turn itself off again.

SOLUTION: take the phone and put it sideways where the power button is facing down on a table or some flat surface and don’t slam it! but lightly hit it maybe a couple of times and the button will come unstuck. The phone should turn on by itself but the button isn’t stuck so it will turn on perfectly fine.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Drain Problem – How to reset your battery stats

This will re-calibrate your battery. Your problems happen when the phone operating system thinks the battery is 100% charged when physically phone battery is only 60%. Or vise versa when physical phone batter is 100% and operating system thinks its 60% (or what ever value). Hope this fixes all your battery problems.

1) drain all of your battery untill phone shuts down

2) turn on and drain battery until phone shuts down ( repeat until you are unable to turn the phone on- this step is very important because we need to drain the battery competely)

3) take the battery out and wait 5 seconds or so and put it back in

4) Charge the battery while the phone is off

5) when the charge is 100%, take the charger off then charge again to get 100% again

6) turn on your phone and enjoy your new battery